We have decided to part ways with Italy-based label Metal On Metal Records. After starting work on our 3rd album Where Moshers Dwell we were contacted by these very enthusiastic people about releasing an album with us. After releasing our albums DIY in past we decided it was worth a shot working with a label. In 2009 we finally released Where Moshers Dwell, our most appreciated album thus far judging by reviews and the response from our fans.

Now it’s 2012 and we feel it’s time to move on. These last two years has seen us do shows that could be considered the highlight of any bands career, but we still feel the best is yet to come and that’s why we have decided to start afresh. We are currently writing songs for our as-yet untitled 4th studio album and making the necessary plans for complete domination and world annihilation. Whether we will once again release our music ourselves or choose to work with a new label is still to be decided, so any parties interested in a moshness venture with the horror metal moshing machine, feel free to contact us.